Earn Ksh 1350 Per Hour Typing Speech Into Text

Home-based transcription is definitely an online job that enables individuals to make money without having special training or experience required. Exactly like any job, it requires time and practice to get results. Having said that, the pay and flexibility of the job can be extremely rewarding in the long run.

Tools To Get Started

It is possible to begin working from home straight away if you have a computer as well as stable internet. Nevertheless, you might need some tools to be successful at transcribing such as:

A collection of High-quality Headphones
A reliable Foot Pedal

Here are 5 online transcription jobs which do not require experience at the beginning

1. Get Transcribed – This company hires online Transcribers as well as Reviewers to work from your home. Transcribers make about $0.23 per audio minute, as well as Reviewers average around $0.12 per audio minute. You’ll want a Paypal account to receive payments. You are able to request your funds after you have a minimum of $100.

2. AccuTran Global – This company employs part-time Transcribers to work from your home. You must end up being very fluent in English. Pay is via Paypal or check.

3. Casting Words – This company provides online transcription work for newbies. The pay is approximately $1.20 per audio minute for a poor quality audio sound and $0.60 for a good quality audio sound

4. Transcribe Me – This is certainly another transcription website open to beginners without any experience. The work is available globally if you are a great English speaker. The pay is around $20 per audio hour. Pay is via Paypal.

5. Transcribe Team – Transcribe Team plays host to new Transcribers to work remotely from your home. The pay is on the low side at around $0.45 per audio minute. You possibly can log in and to be able to complete the work. Pay is via Paypal.

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