How to Make Money From Instagram

If you believed you couldn’t earn money from your social media accounts, you better think again! Since June 2016, I have personally earned an average Ksh 160,000 per month, all thanks to our Instagram account. And yes, honestly, that is after my sister gets her share. How can I do it? The correct answer is in having various income streams.

Here are some streams I recommend tapping into if you wish to be a successful influencer.

Sponsored Posts

It is not at all times about your follower count, but the number of individuals who engage with your content and look forward to every one of your posts. Plenty of brands are generally moving away from working together with major digital influencers to leveraging smaller bloggers’ viewers. Once you start, reaching out to brands is an excellent way to secure a few aides. As you acquire traction, brands will quickly realise you and email you regarding different opportunities.

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Each and every company has its particular rules for sponsorship, so do not use a one-size-fits-all strategy when reaching out. Seek information and connect to them on social before beginning contact. It is very important to only associate with brands which fit your aesthetic. This way, your readers understand every collaboration as genuine and buy into exactly what you’re trying to sell to them.

YouTube Advertising

Making money with your videos on YouTube can certainly earn you a passive revenue stream. There’s even a added bonus if these ads convert! You are permitted to monetize your videos as soon as Youtube accepts you into its Partner Program. We have only made about Ksh 5000 from YouTube ads so far, but the much more your numbers increase, the higher your earnings goes.

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Our next thing will be to become a member of one of the many YouTube marketing networks to increase our earnings. Based on the terms of the agreement, these types of networks frequently promote your current videos to a huge audience and look for sponsorship opportunities for your benefit in exchange for a percentage of your respective earnings.

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