Small Business to Do in Kenya That Will Make You a Millionaire

Are you looking for a Small Business to Do in Kenya That Will Make You a Millionaire? If you are, the following business ideas are profitable and worth considering in this year.

Start e-commerce in Kenya

Through offering a platform for all business people to market their items, you are going to make a reasonable amount of money. Create an online store, for example, jumia or Kilimal. Request business people looking to market their services or goods to place their products for sale at a small fee and market this particular platform intensely. Your platform should have different types for instance cars, households, electronics, clothes, jewellery, furniture
books, foods, services etc.

Bakery and Fast Food

Kenyans simply love to eat baked meals. This really is a primary reason the reason you may choose to take into account starting up a bakery business. Just before you start out it is essential to garner all the important information that you’re going to need along the line.

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Freelance Writing

Is considered possible to become either a full-time freelance article writer generating revenue or to certainly be a part-time freelancer supplementing a regular compensated income. An additional role would be to simply do it for fun or build up a broader portfolio of expertise.

Car Washing

Cars and trucks become dirty and need a usual wash but the majority of people have no time to spare. Driving to the car wash to really get your car skillfully washed is significantly easier as well as faster compared to spending some time cleaning it yourself. Starting a car wash business requires getting an open space and money for the required equipment.

Internet Café Business

You can easily start an Internet café small business with many various other add-on services like printing, online researching, along with other computer services. This can be a money spinner in Kenya since people constantly want to surf the net. You possibly can place your internet café in an exceedingly busy area.

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