Here’s vital Stanchart Online Banking Kenya Security Information You need to Know. Understanding how to shield yourself when banking online makes sure that your bank accounts, data, and identity are protected from the bad hands. Here are a few key actions you can take to make sure that your accounts and information stay in your hands with no one else’s.

What to do with your Stanchart online banking Kenya account

Consistently be sure that you access your online banking account directly through the Standard Chartered website, and never through suspicious links which don’t come from Standard Chartered.

Secure all of your data and accounts along with strong passwords which have at least eight or even more characters comprising alphabets as well as numbers as well as changing them on a regular basis.

Ensure that you at all times log out of your account as well as closing your browser window after you have finished using online banking.

Keep all of your operating systems, browsers, apps, as well as virus And malware software up to date.

What not to do with your Stanchart online banking Kenya account

Carry out any banking transactions over unsecured wireless networks or perhaps public computers.

Reply to any unrequested communication asking for your personal financial information.

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