5 Online Jobs That Pay via Mpesa

Did you know that you can earn good money via Mpesa through online jobs? It’s a good way to earn extra money, especially during these hard times.  All the free time you have been spending watching the latest game of thrones series can be put to more productive use. The best part is you do these jobs from the comfort of your home hustle free. If you’re a student or a worker who needs to top up their salaries, the following can be good avenues to do jobs online and be paid via Mpesa.


This is a website for transcription of audio and video files. The tasks involve listening to audio clips and converting them to typed documents in particular formats. As a transcriber, you are an allowance of time ranging from a few hours to one week. Generally, the faster a job is completed, the higher the payment.  In order to join Scribie, you submit your application then you will be issued with a small exam. You can then start earning dollars per hour of audio.


Rev is yet another website that offers transcription services. Their services are more extensive since they convert audio/video to texts, writing captions subtitles of videos and translate documents.  Working with this company offers a lot of flexibility like you decide which topic you want to work on e.g. interviews lectures etc. You can even choose your own schedule for submission of finished jobs.


You can start working for Gotranscript and join a workforce of nearly twenty thousand transcribers worldwide. This huge workforce is a true statement of the massive amount of online work they have. Services they offer which you can do include transcription, captions, subtitles, and translations.


Speechpad is also an online based company that offers transcription services that you can work for. The services included that you can spend your time on are the conversion of audio files to texts documents.  Standard captions include writing of texts from spoken dialogues like YouTube and Facebook videos. Premium captions are targeted towards movies and documentaries. The more specialized the job is, the more money you can earn via Mpesa. Transcription jobs are also specialized e.g. engineering and marketing hence perfect for those who are already working.

Focus forward

Focus forward is a highly specialized transcription service provider that you can offer your time and skills in exchange for cash. This makes it easier for many professionals in several fields to work during their extra time. Industries this company serves are medical, legal, academic, market research, video, audio, and production. With such a wide range industries and topics, it’s quite easy to get a job you are specialized in. You choose the number of hours you want to work in a week. Their rate of payment starts at about 50 Ksh per transcribed minute.


Please note that all payments are done in USD (US Dollars) since these companies are based abroad. When you sign up for any of them, you will have to create a PayPal account which is an intermediary e-wallet. You’ll be able to transfer your money from PayPal to Mpesa within two hours. You can make up Ksh 50,000 working part-time or up to Ksh 140,000 working full time. Get Started now!

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