Apple Fruit Business in Kenya


Apple fruit business in Kenya is among the most profitable businesses in the country. Most Kenyans are turning to healthy living where taking fruits has become a normal routine. This has increased the demand for fruits in the market thus opening business gaps.

Starting an apple fruit business in Kenya, therefore, would be a great idea. It’s an entrepreneurial chance that you should go ahead and grab.

An apple fruit business you can do either small scale or large scale. Someone may decide to grow and supply apples, another one to import, and another one to do retail. All those entrepreneurs will probably make money according to their amount of investment. The capital you have is what dictates the kind of business you can start.

So for someone with millions may decide to import the apples from China, the United States, South Africa, etc or opt to do farming. What about you who doesn’t have such amounts of money? Well, you can go for retailing apples at a fruit parlor.

Apple fruit business in Kenya

Let’s look at some things that you will need to start your apple fruit business;


This is the most essential part of every business start-up. The amount of capital you have dictates how much stock you can manage to get.

From Ksh 4000, you’re good to go and start retailing apples. It’s never a bad idea to start small and grow from there, so start with what you have and grow with time.

Suitable location

Location always matters when starting a business. A fruit parlor needs to be around a place with high traffic of people.

You can set up your parlor along a busy street, near an institution, at a bus station, etc.


For any business in Kenya, the government requires you to have the relevant licensing for your business. You better do that otherwise you will always be in a frequent hassle with the county council.

Reliable supplier

As you start your business, you need to have a reliable supplier who will be supplying you with the apples.

Having a reliable supplier makes sure that you never run out of stock and you always have quality apples and at a fair price.

Apple fruit business in Kenya is a rapidly growing business with tons of people investing in it. To stay competitive, you may decide to also be blending apple juice for your customers.

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