10 Best Businesses to Start in Florida


If you’re looking for the best businesses to start in Florida,  well, search no more! On this post, we have the best business ideas to start in Florida.

Best businesses to start in Florida

Drone rentals

Drones are rapidly becoming indispensable tools in tools in different industries. They are being used for photography, agricultural surveys, security surveillance, underwater inspection among others. With the advancement in technology and competition in the market, drone prices have gone down.

With their now affordable prices, plus fewer drone companies in Florida, you could take advantage and start a drone rentals business which could end up being the most successful business to start.

Dating consultant

This is a business that requires no education or certification. However, having a relevant college degree such as social work and psychology or training as a therapist will make you more marketable.

You may choose to offer phone consultations, email consultations or quick questions which are cheaper. Then market your business and start making money.


If you are passionate about supporting the elderly community, there are numerous business opportunities for you.

There are a lot of services you can offer to the elderly for pay, for instance; mobile beauty services, home maintenance, medical assistance, technical support, concierge services, etc. This is ultimately a successful business to start.

Writing Services

With a passion for writing a particular content, you can work as a ghostwriter. With about 77% of the population using the internet, they fuel the demand for online freelance writers thereby making it one of the most lucrative careers.

Starting a writing services career will save companies the need for creative people to do their blogs without hiring them full time. This can be a perfect business to start.

Yoga Studio

Everyone wants to live a healthy life, as a result, many people are opting for yoga than the gym. Yoga has become a booming business with more and more entrepreneurs entering this field and the number of customers also increasing day by day.

Once you identify the best place to start a business in Florida, give Yoga Studio in Florida a try also? This could be the first step into a successful career.

Coaching business

If you are zealous about working with people and helping them achieve their goals then coaching business is a great option for you. Thanks to technology, you don’t have to own an office to do a coaching business, you can do it from the comfort of your home.

With the advancement in technology, you can give the coaching services to people from all over the world.

Food business

This is one of the most profitable business in Florida This is a business you should never be afraid to start, because who doesn’t eat?

With the food business, you might think of opening a restaurant or even a catering business. Depending on your target customers, you will probably know what is fit for you. It’s time you start making money from your love of cooking.

Carpet cleaning

Cleaning service is another type of business that you are guaranteed to make huge profits from. You can decide to exclusively clean carpets and it’s also a way to big money.

With low start-up costs, this business is set to make you good money. Just start by getting proper license and insurance and some cleaning supplies.

Online tutoring

This is also one of the best businesses to start in Florida. Depending on the areas you are good at, you could start an online tutoring business.

Like online coaching, this is another business you can work from anywhere and reach audiences from all over the world. It could also be the best business for you to start.

Marketing services

This is a business with quite a big competition but also very lucrative. However, how successful your business will depend on the quality of your marketing strategy.

All you need are business communication skills that are quite convincing and also if you can write a copy that will sell, probably this is the business for you.

All the above are some of the best businesses to start in Florida. If you live in Texas, we also have a list of businesses to do it Texas. Before starting one, you will need to consider things like the amount of capital you have, where you are setting up the business, and also your passion.


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