10 Best Cars for Kenyan Roads

Wondering about the best cars for Kenyan roads? No more worries.

With Kenya’s climate and the roads’ rough terrain, you will need a car that will be able to overcome all that and take you wherever the destination you want to go.

Let’s look at some of the cars that would be perfect for you.

Best cars for Kenyan roads

5 Best Toyota Cars in Kenya

Over the years, Toyota has been one of the most renowned brands for reliable and most economical cars. Also, Toyota’s spare parts are affordable and readily available.

You will also find that Toyotas are also leading on the best cars for resale here in Kenya. Here are some of the best Toyota cars for Kenyan roads;

Toyota Vitz

This is one of the most popular cars in Kenya, which has greatly impacted the Kenyan market since 1999. It is much loved for its fuel economy and reliability and probably one of the best cars for Kenyan roads.

Land Cruiser V8

Here is the king of the jungle, a vehicle that never minds the road you put it on. The Land Cruiser V8 is build of quality, delivering reliability and durability whatsoever.

Its properties are definitely what makes it one of the best cars for Kenyan roads.

Toyota Rav4

This is another great car from Toyota that gives you a smooth ride and a fuel-efficient experience. It has a great interior design and ample power giving you a great ride even on rough roads.

Over the years, Toyota Rav4 has been renowned as one of the best fuel-efficient cars in Kenya.

Toyota Prius

Toyota Prius will first catch your eye with its stylish exterior design giving you style and confidence as you drive through the roads.

The vehicle is also known for its fuel efficiency and reliability making it one of the most economical cars in Kenya. It is also great on the roads so no worries when you have Toyota Prius.

Toyota Probox

This is a vehicle you are going to find in almost every part of the country, from the urban areas to the rustic suburban. Despite all the critics, Toyota Probox is one of the most loved cars in Kenya, for its commercial feature.

With its foldable back seats, Toyota Probox is able to stomach all tasks and still surprise you with its speed. Its reliability makes it one of the best cars for Kenyan roads and also one of the best most economical.

Other than Toyotas, there are other best cars for Kenyan roads;

Mazda Demio

This is a vehicle that stands out for lightness(less than 1000kg)  and also its aerodynamic and sporty design. The vehicle is also fuel-efficient making it one of the best economical cars in Kenya.

The Mazda Demio fuel consumption is 14Km per liter.

With the number of Demios spinning on the Kenyan highways, you can also tell that it’s also one of the best cars for Kenyan roads.

Honda Fit

If you are looking for a subcompact car class, then Honda Fit is what you’re looking for. With its engine ranging between 1.2litres to 1.5 liters, Honda Fit gives you the fuel-efficient experience you’d want from a car.

The car is also renowned for its reliability and durability that gives you absolute confidence while driving on the Kenyan roads.

Subaru Impreza

No list for best cars gets finished without the mention of a Subaru (not even this one). For Subaru lovers (myself included), Subaru Impreza gives you a standard all-wheel-drive and excellent fuel-efficient experience.

Subaru Impreza has a fuel consumption of 15km per liter. With its turbo, it is probably one of the best cars for Kenyan roads.

Honda Civic

Here is another one from Honda, Civic is a car that not only gives you the taste of a sports car but also lets you enjoy its dependability.

Also with its reasonable fuel consumption of 18km per liter, Honda Civic is probably fit Kenyan use.

Nissan Tiida

With Nissan’s brand giving Toyota real competition in Kenya, they managed to do a great job with Nissan Tiida. This is a car with a low maintenance cost that gives you a smooth quiet ride to wherever you are going to. The car also has excellent fuel efficiency with a consumption of 15km per liter.

Nissan Tiida is probably one of the best cars for Kenyan roads.

Before buying yourself a car it’s always a good idea to consider a few things like; cost, fuel consumption, lifestyle, etc. When you are putting things into consideration, never forget to look for a car that will withstand any kind of road that you find yourself in.

All the above are some of the best cars for Kenyan roads that you may want to put into consideration.

Good luck!


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