Top 5 Best Photographers in Kenya

Who are the best photographers in Kenya today? Everyone nowadays has a smartphone and take photos every day. This fact can be attested to just by scrolling timelines of urbanites to see the many armature photographers. But then there is a certain breed of highly skilled men and women behind a lens. They have a way to tell a whole story in just a single still image. These highly trained photographers capture minute details that capture the imagination and preserve memories for a lifetime. They are the ones who are called upon whenever special occasions are due. These range from weddings to wildlife and official functions. The following people have emerged and proven themselves to be worth these attributes.

Emmanuel Jambo

Born in South Sudanese and raised in the United States of America, he has grown to be the most sort out photographer in East and central Africa. He is currently the official photographer for our president. He has been recognized by Forbes magazine as the most influential photographer in Africa. The secret for photography, he says, is having a unique eye so as to be able to see what others cannot see.

Armstrong Kiprotich

His names are Armstrong Kiprotich. He is a commercial photographer, creative portrait photographer, travel photographer documentary photographer, filmmaker and a cinematographer. He says his secret to taking the best pictures is the concept and the lighting.

Michael Khateli

He is known as the first photography to venture into boudoir photography but realized the market was not ready for such. He changed his style and started photographic State event and other big concerts. His work thereafter made him one of the sort after photographer. He is famously known for taking photos of powerful public figures especially the president. All his work has won win both local and international recognition.

Thandiwe Muriu

She started as an intern of a photographer in the USA and went to with renowned photographer like Emmanuel Jambo. She has won many awards, from the most promising young photographer to becoming among the top 8 photographers in Kenya. Her work has been published all over the world, from Arabia to Canada to South Africa and many more.