Top 5 Best Private Maternity Hospitals in Perth

There are so many options when it comes to maternity hospitals in Perth. Finding the best one for you and your baby can be a daunting task. We have compiled this list of private maternity hospitals in Perth, and we hope that our research will help you find the perfect place for your delivery!

List of Private Maternity Hospitals Perth:

  1. King Edward Memorial Hospital
  2. St John of God Midwifery Unit
  3. Fiona Stanley Hospital
  4. Hollywood Private Hospital
  5. Joondalup Health Campus Maternity Unit

What to Expect When Giving Birth in a Private Maternity Hospital in Perth

Giving birth in a Perth private maternity hospital can be an exciting new experience. Most of these hospitals are located near the CBD, which means you’ll have access to high-quality facilities and services within minutes! With that being said, it’s important for expectant mothers to understand what they should look out for when choosing the best place for their baby’s delivery.

Services you can expect from Perth private maternity hospitals:

– The availability of a comprehensive theatre and postnatal unit in the same building or on the same campus as your private birthing suite, so that if there are any complications during the birth process, these services will be available to support both mother and baby immediately.

  1. Private rooms with en suite bathrooms that will provide you and your partner the privacy needed to spend some time together.
  2. Separate labour, delivery and recovery areas for mothers who want a more personalised experience during their stay at the hospital.
  3. Comfortable waiting rooms so parents can relax while they wait for their baby’s birth.
  4. Nurseries and play areas for children where they can entertain themselves while their parents are in the delivery room or resting after childbirth.
  5. Access to a 24/hour reception that will be able to help with any questions, concerns or issues you may face during your stay at the hospital.
  6. A range of postnatal care options, such as breastfeeding support, postnatal physiotherapy and counselling services.
  7. The option to have your baby stay with you in your room for the first few nights after delivery, or to have them transferred to the hospital’s nursery.
  8. A range of birthing options, such as water births, natural births and caesarean sections.
  9. The ability to have your baby’s footprints and handprints taken as a special keepsake.

The Benefits of Giving Birth in a Private Maternity Hospital in Perth

There are many benefits to giving birth in a private maternity hospital. If you’re looking for the best place to give birth, then these hospitals should be at the top of your list! Here’s why:

  1. They offer dedicated and experienced midwives who will work with you every step of the way during pregnancy and labour.
  2. You’ll have access to a full range of antenatal testing and ultrasound services so you can stay ahead of any potential complications.
  3. Most private maternity hospitals offer 24/hour emergency obstetric, midwifery and neonatology care in case anything unexpected happens during your birth process.
  4. They provide all the supplies needed for a comfortable and relaxing birth experiences, such as birthing balls, birthing pools and relaxation music.
  5. You’ll have plenty of time to rest and recover after giving birth in one of these hospitals, with most offering a postnatal stay period of up to six days.
  6. Private maternity hospitals often offer package deals that include accommodation and meals, as well as postnatal and labour care.
  7. You’ll be able to enjoy your family and friends during their visit without feeling overwhelmed by the number of people in your room at any given time.
  8. These hospitals offer a range of birthing options such as water births, natural births and caesarean sections that you can choose from to ensure that you have the best possible experience.
  9. The hospitals provide a range of postnatal care options such as breastfeeding support, postnatal physiotherapy and counselling services to help you get back on your feet after giving birth.
  10. You’ll be able to take your baby home with you sooner rather than later, with most hospitals offering a baby check-up within 48 hours of delivery.

How to Choose the Right Private Maternity Hospital for You

As you can see, there are many benefits to choosing a private maternity hospital. Now that you’re aware of these perks and have decided that this is the best option for your pregnancy, here’s how to choose the right one:

  1. Ask your midwife or obstetrician which hospitals they recommend in Perth. After all, it’s their job to know which hospitals provide the best care and services for pregnant women.
  2. Search online using search terms such as “best private maternity hospital Perth” or “private maternity hospital rates in Perth” along with your postcode, to bring up a list of options that are available near you.
  3. Visit the hospitals that are available to you and look through their websites to see if they offer any services or amenities that appeal to you.
  4. If possible, book an appointment at the hospital of your choice so you can speak directly with a nurse about what’s included in their package deals and ask them anything else that comes up during your research.

The Cost of Giving Birth in Private Maternity Hospitals in Perth

One thing to keep in mind when choosing a private maternity hospital is the cost. These hospitals can be more expensive than public hospitals, but it’s important to remember that you get what you pay for. The benefits listed above are just some of the many reasons why it might be worth investing in a private hospital.

Choosing a private maternity hospital is an investment in your own health and the health of your baby. It’s worth considering whether you want to book into a public, free-standing or for-profit hospital – all have their pros and cons when it comes to comfort, convenience, price range and postnatal care. Consider what might work best for you and contact one of these hospitals today so they can get started with planning the perfect birth experience for both you and your new addition!

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