Business to Start with 100k in Kenya Ultimate Guide


I need a profitable business in Kenya, looking for this? Then, your search on a business to start with 100k in Kenya has come to an end. There are over 1000 businesses you can start with the amount or even an amount lower than that and create more cash.

Here are the most profitable examples of business to start with 100k in Kenya;

Boda Boda business

With a motorcycle going for Kshs 65,000-120,000 in Kenya, the bodaboda business identifies itself as a job you can start with your Kshs 100,000. In addition, the business is able to make at least Kshs 1000 per day and much above on busy days.

Movie Shop

Just the other day where almost everyone had gone “crazy” over the release of season 8 of the famous series GOT (Game of Thrones). From the queue at my regular movie shop, I could only try to imagine how much money they were making daily.

This is a business you can start up with even less than Kshs 100,000 and be guaranteed it is going to make you some good money. Setting it up near a college or an institution for young people will guarantee you more money.

Salon and|or a barbershop

Here is another business to start with 100k in Kenya.

These two businesses to most people seem like they are for the uneducated. On the contrary, they are owned by wise people who know how to make more money from the little they have.

Starting a barbershop or a salon with your Ksh 100000 and give it your best shot, could give you more money than you can imagine. The level of earning will depend on where you have situated your business and the quality of the services offered. The best thing with the two businesses is that you can even have them both at the same place thus more money.

Poultry Farming

This is another lucrative business you can venture into seeing that poultry demand in Kenya is always high. You may decide to rear chicken, geese or even turkeys.

With Kshs 100000, you will be able to do the housing framework and fencing, buy the chicks/chicken and also buy their feeds.

M Pesa Business

This is a booming business in Kenya. Whether you want to start it as a main or side hustle, it is a business you can start with your Kshs. 100000.

Butchery Business

You can start a small butchery business by finding a place to rent. You will also need a refrigeration system as meat is highly perishable. Also get a reliable source of meat to supply you. You might also need an assistant.

All making this a business to start with 100k in Kenya.

Car Wash Business

With the millions of cars spinning on the Kenyans highways, the car wash business has also continued to thrive. So if you are thinking of what business to start, try considering a car wash business.

Set it up at a place with a reliable source of water.

Selling Cereals

Everybody needs to eat, so investing in the food business is never a wrong move.

Even with less than Kshs 100000, you might will in starting a cereal business.

Milk Vending

This another coming up business in Kenya. You just get yourself a vending machine to your preference and set it up at the main shopping for bigger sales. Also, find a supplier who will supply you with good quality milk.

Lastly, adhere to the rules and regulations from the Kenya Dairy Board.

Hardware Store

With the continued growth of the Kenya Real Estate sector, the demand for construction materials has gone up.

Why don’t you take advantage of that and start a hardware store?

Your target market is what will direct you on the variation to stock your store.

Baby Care

With a large number of working parents in Kenya today, daycare business is flourishing. Secure yourself with a children-friendly environment and the required facilities and you’re good to go. Setting up the business around an area with children will be an added advantage.

Wines and Spirits Shop

This is another thriving business in Kenya. According to the NACADA, 15 million Kenyans drink regularly while 12 million drink daily. Those who drink daily, spend at least Kshs 100 on each occasion.  The majority of those who drink find wines and spirits cheaper than alcohol thus the growth of the business. You might also want to give the business a try.

My final thought is no need to let your 100k lay low while you could get them to earn more money for you. Whether you have another job or you are employed, you could create for yourself a side hustle and get yourself some deeper pockets.


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