How to Buy Safaricom Airtime Online Guide| 5 Ways


Technology has never been amazing like this! You can now buy Safaricom airtime online, very easy.

Depending on different factors, there might be a time you are not able to buy a scratch card. Let’s say it’s raining outside or you are far from a shop and you need to make an urgent call. Or maybe you want to buy Safaricom bundles.

No need to worry, there still other ways to buy credit.

Ways to Buy Safaricom Airtime Online

M Pesa

You can easily top up your Safaricom line from M Pesa. You just go to your M Pesa menu, follow the steps below and pap, you top up airtime.

  1. Click ‘buy airtime’ from your M Pesa menu.
  2. Click ‘my phone’ if you want to top up your line or ‘other phone’ if you are buying for another number.
  3. Enter the number you wish to buy airtime for.
  4. Enter the desired amount.
  5. Enter your M Pesa pin.
  6. Confirm that you want to buy airtime.

You will then receive a message from Safaricom confirming the purchase. You can now make your call or buy the desired Safaricom bundles.


You can also buy Safaricom airtime online from MySafaricom App also in few simple steps;

  1. Download the MySafaricom App for your IOS or Android.
  2. Launch the app and click on the M Pesa option
  3. Click on the buy airtime option
  4. Click on the toggle to select your own number or another number if you want to buy airtime for someone else
  5. Enter your desired amount then click continue
  6. Enter your M Pesa pin and complete your purchase

How to Sambaza Safaricom airtime

Safaricom also gives you the chance to share airtime with those around you. You can share airtime from as low as Kshs 5 to Kshs 10,000. You can sambaza airtime through SMS or USSD.

How to sambaza airtime through SMS

  1. Create a new message
  2. Enter # before and after the airtime you wish to send
  3. Enter the number you wish to send to, e.g #50#0712345678
  4. Send the SMS to 140
  5. You will get a confirmation message confirming the transaction

How to sambaza airtime through USSD

  1. Dial *140* followed by airtime value then the mobile number e.g *140*50*0712345678#
  2. Press the call button
  3. You and the recipient will receive a confirmation message once the top-up is successful.

Bonus: How to buy airtel airtime with M Pesa

You can also recharge your airtel line from Safaricom M Pesa quickly and easily.

  1. Go to your M Pesa menu
  2. Go to Lipa na M Pesa
  3. Select Paybill
  4. Enter business number as 220220
  5. Enter your airtel number as the account number
  6. Enter your desired amount followed by your M Pesa pin
  7. You will receive a message confirming the airtime purchase

These are some of the advantageous things about Safaricom. It’s quite convenient and flexible especially in terms of purchasing airtime.



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