Cars Under 700k in Kenya


If you are looking for cars under 700k in Kenya then I got you covered. With lots of different car dealers in the country, you can get different types of used cars below 700k.

There are different car dealers in Kenya mainly located in big towns like Nairobi, Mombasa, Nakuru, etc. Among the dealers providing used cars for sale in Kenya include; Kenya Auto Bazaar Association, SBT Kenya, Toyota Kenya among many others all ready to offer you the car of your choice at an affordable price.

Best Secondhand Cars to buy in Kenya

Nissan Tiida

A used Nissan Tiida is one of the cars that you can get under 700k in Kenya. Even with as low as Kshs 450 000, you can get the car from a car dealer of your choice all around the country. Nissan Tiida is probably one of the best secondhand cars to buy in Kenya.

Toyota Vitz

Toyota Vitz has become an impactful car in the Kenyan market over recent years. As a subcompact, the car has achieved commercial success and has been largely adopted in the market. With 700k or below you are guaranteed to get yourself this gem from Toyota.

Toyota Ractis

This small-sized hatchback was introduced in the Kenyan market in 2005 and has since then boasted of its excellent fuel economy, affordable price and maintenance, and also its spacious interior. You can Toyota Ractis with 700k as one of the best secondhand cars to buy in Kenya.

Mazda Demio

This is another car that has greatly impacted the Kenyan market in recent years. It competes with Toyota Vitz and Honda fit in the market among others. If you have a small family then this is the car for you and you can get it with as low as 700k.

Nissan Note

Nissan Note is also one of the popular cars in Kenya competing with the likes of Honda Fit, Toyota Vitz, Toyota Ractis, and Mazda Demio. It is a compact hatchback that replaced Toyota Funcargo that was discontinued in 2005. The car is spacious and has foldable backseats creating more space for carrying goods.

Toyota Porte

This is a compact MPV that has attracted lots of people due to its affordability and a spacious interior which makes it suitable for carrying passengers or hauling cargo.  It competes with the Nissan Cube, Mazda Scrum and Peugeot Partner.

Nissan March

Also known as Nissan Micra, the vehicle celebrates its longevity in the market. The car has been in the market since 1982 which gives you the confidence to purchase one. It competes with Suzuki Swift, Toyota Passo, and Mazda Verisa.

Suzuki Alto

This is also one of the cars under 700k in Kenya.  The stylish exterior is what captures you first not to mention the perky engine that gives you an easy and stylish spin. Suzuki Alto besides its sporty looks, it’s also fuel-efficient and quite cheap to maintain.

Toyota Probox

Well, you wouldn’t mention popular cars in Kenya and not mention Toyota Probox. This is the car that you will find in almost every region countrywide, from the busiest Nairobi to dry Turkana. Despite all the critics, Toyota Probox is the car most people go for when they need a commercial vehicle.

From dealers with used cars for sale in Kenya, you can get a Toyota Probox with as low as 500k.

Toyota Succeed

Toyota Succeed is almost similar to Toyota Probox thus share the most common features. Similar to Toyota Probox, Succeed has foldable backseats which makes it your go-to vehicle when hauling cargo. Both cars are easily affordable and able to withstand Kenyan roads thus are some of the best secondhand cars to buy in Kenya.

Cars under 700k in Kenya | Final Thoughts

All the above are some of the cars under 700k in Kenya. They are also some of the best secondhand cars to buy in Kenya. Nothing you have is too little, with your 700k you have the power to spin in the car of your choice, a quality car that won’t disappoint you.

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