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Examples of Insurance Agents in Kenya

Examples of insurance agents in Kenya?Well, with lots of insurance companies in Kenya, there are also thousands more insurance agents.Most people opt for insurance agencies rather than going directly to insurance companies for…

How to Make Money as a Student in Kenya

Looking for ways on how to make money as a student in Kenya?Most people take it like you have to be broke if you are a student. Well, it happens that most times students are broke but that's for those not creative enough to think…

Apple Fruit Business in Kenya

Apple fruit business in Kenya is among the most profitable businesses in the country.Most Kenyans are turning to healthy living where they taking fruits has become a normal routine. This has increased the demand for fruits in the market…

Starting a Fast Food Business in Kenya

In this article, I will walk you through different stages of starting a fast food business in Kenya.Fast food business is a business model that serves food usually prepared in a specific way, such as hamburgers and cold sandwiches.…

Boiled Eggs and Smokie Business in Kenya

If you are thinking of starting boiled eggs and smokie business in Kenya, well, that could be your biggest boss move.Many people are of the idea that boiled eggs and smokies business earns a meager pay but on the contrary, people…

Best Paying Private Companies in Kenya

Are you looking for the best paying private companies in Kenya? Well, there are lots of well-paying companies to work for here in Kenya. Best paying private companies in Kenya IBM The International Business Machines Corporation is an…
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