7 Major Challenges Facing Health Care System in Kenya


Challenges facing health care system in Kenya? Well, there are lots of challenges that hinder health care planning and delivery of services to the people of Kenya.

Besides affordable housing, manufacturing, and the creation of food security, health care is also one of the Government’s big four agendas. The government aims at giving Kenyans quality and affordable health services.

However, the above may not be achieved if a solution to curb the system’s challenges isn’t found. A quick fix is needed as he who has health has hope and he who has hope has everything.

Here are some of the challenges facing the health care system in Kenya;


This has been one of the major threats to Kenya’s development over the years. It has also become a challenge to the health care system as people have embezzled funds set aside for the distribution of medical services and facilities.

Measures should be put forth to ensure transparency and accountability of all health care departments.

Lack of essential medical equipment

Most health care centers in Kenya do not have some of the vital equipment and products thus it has become a big challenge to the health sector.

Lack of enough funds is what results in the issue mostly since some of the equipment is very expensive and the government is unable to put them into every health center.

Lack of medications

Kenyan health centers also face a lack of medications and corruption is adding salt to the injury as people continue to embezzle funds meant for medications.

Shortage of medical facilities

In most rural areas, people have to walk long distances to access medical facilities. Take for instance Turkana where people from the area have to walk hundreds of kilometers to reach a medical center.

The government should help create more medical facilities, especially in rural areas.

Health workers strikes

Every now and then you will hear that the health worker is on strike claiming for salary increment or better working conditions.

This gives a blow to the health care sector as Kenyans are left with no choice but to opt for private healthcare which is relatively expensive.

Lack of funding

Sometimes the government fails to fund the medical facilities, especially the few that are in rural areas. If an institution is not funded then it is unable to run or deliver its services.

Population growth

The rate of population growth in Kenya has affected the planning of community health and medical facilities.

An increase in population also results in food shortage and easy spread of diseases thus making population growth one of the challenges facing the health care system in Kenya.

Unless all these challenges are dealt with, the health care system in Kenya will continue to crumble down. The respective departments and authorities should look into these threatening issues and come up with a solution for them.

This will help create a better Kenya as we pursue the vision 2030 development blueprint.

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