Examples of Insurance Agents in Kenya


Examples of insurance agents in Kenya? Well, with lots of insurance companies in Kenya, there are also thousands more insurance agents.

Most people opt for insurance agencies rather than going directly to insurance companies for different reasons;

  • They’re a phone call away – Contrary to insurance companies which are probably in major towns, agents are found locally within your area of residence. they’re people you know and have a relationship with thus making working with them easier.
  • They give you a choice – Agents represent different insurance companies thus giving you a variety of coverage options depending on what works best for you. You don’t have to go comparing cover options for different companies while you can just walk into an agent and have them do that for you.
  • They become your advocate – In case of a peril that you need to claim compensation for, or you have a billing concern, your agent is your advocate by working with the insurance company to make sure it’s resolved to your satisfaction.
  • They offer one-stop shopping – Agents also offer you one-stop shopping of insurance coverage needs; they’re not limited to auto insurance only but also provide home, renters, flood, business coverage, as well as life and health coverage.
  • They’re your advisors – Agents are people who have lots of experience in insurance matters and are at your disposal to guide you and advise you on coverage matters.

Examples of Insurance Agents in Kenya

Dawit Insurance Agency

Phone: 0712 856447

Website: dawitinsurance.co.ke

Physical Address: Utumishi Co-Op House, 00100 Mamlaka Rd, Nairobi City

Email Address: info@dawitinsurance.com

Pacific Insurance Brokers Limited

Phone: 0722 204478

Website: pacific-group.co.ke

Physical Address: Rose Ave, Off Dennis Pritt Rd, Kilimani Area of Nairobi

Email Address:  info@pacific-group.co.ke

Canopy Insurance Brokers

Phone: 0722 207148

Website: canopykenya.com

Physical Address: Co-op Trust Plaza, Upper Hill Rd, Nairobi

Email Address: info@canopykenya.com

Cactus Insurance Agency Kenya

Phone: 0795 110434

Website: www.cactus.co.ke

Physical Address: Real Towers, Upperhill, Nairobi City

Email Address: info@cactus.co.ke

Jopeda Insurance Agency

Phone: 0725 478643


Physical Address: Tom Mboya St, Nairobi City

Email Address: jopedaisuranceagency@gmail.com

African Trade Insurance Agency

Phone: 0722 205007

Website: ati-aca.org

Physical Address: KenyaRe Towers, 5th Floor, Nairobi

Email Address: info@ati-aca.org


Phone: 0800 721 200

Website: www.insureafrika.com

Physical Address: 7th Floor, The Citadel, Muthithi Road, Nairobi

Email Address: info@insureafrika.com

Etana Insurance Agency

Phone: 0732 444557

Website: www.etana.co.ke

Physical Address: 4 Jabavu Lane, Hurlingham Nairobi

Email Address: etana@etana.co.ke

Chancery Wright Insurance Brokers Agency

Phone: 020 2721555

Website: chancerywright.com

Physical Address: Vinodeep Towers, Baricho Rd, Nairobi

Email Address: chancery@chancerywright.com

Kenya Orient Insurance Agency

Phone: 020 310040

Website: korient.co.ke

Physical Address: Cathedral Rd, Nairobi

Email Address: contactme@korient.co.ke

Aristocrats Kenya

Phone: +254-721 338556, +254-736 791152

Website: info@aristocratskenya.com

Physical Address: James Gichuru Road, Nairobi City

Email Address: aristocratskenya.com

Swiftlife Insurance

Phone: 020 2246506

Website: swiftlife.co.ke

Physical Address: Chyulu Road, Upper Hill, KMA Centre, Nairobi

Email Address: insure@swiftlife.co.ke

All the above are some examples of insurance agents in Kenya, ready to answer your insurance need.

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