How To Get Paid To Take Pictures Of Products

Looking for extra cash? Why not get paid to take pictures of products?

There are several apps and websites that will help you make money taking pictures with your phone.

Here are 5 ways to make money taking pictures for companies.

Get Paid to Upload Receipts

iBotta: This is a free app. It is fastest yet simpliest to make money online taking pictures with your phone. The reason being you are taking photos of your receipts.

Here is a quick run down of how iBotta works:

  • Sign up for iBotta here.
  • When doing your shopping, browse your app to see what item offers cash back.
  • Take picture of your receipt.
  • Upload on iBotta.
  • Get paid.

And that’s it! You can Get Paid To Take Pictures Of Products that easy.

The best part that I like about iBotta is that you can get money from any purchased item, for example, Maize flour, sugar, cooking oil etc.

Currenly there’s a $10 free bonus given to new users for redeeming their reciept.


Clashot is another simple way to upload photos and make money.

Currently, Prices on photos ranges from $10 to $90. You’ll have a higher pay if you upload quality photos.


This application acts like a middleman for selling you photos. Foap will give you 50% of the commision of the photos you want to sell.

Since most photos for $10, so you will always get $5.


This is an app that you should have on your phone. EyeEm allows you to sell your photos to agencies and brands.

How EyeEm works

  • You sign up for the app
  • Select the pictures you want to upload to the site.
  • You’ll get 50% commision of each photo that will sell.


This app will pay you when you stop a hiring advertisement in a commercial area, such as a local board or infront of business premise.

How good is that!

By just taking a snap of that advert, you earn $1.

JobSpotter app is owned by Indeed and the app is available for both iPhone and Android.

Summary: How To Get Paid To Take Pictures Of Products

The better yor skills and camera quality as a photographer, the more money you’ll make. Now, Get Paid To Take Pictures Of Products.




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