How much do Uber Drivers make in New York City


If you are from New York, you might be wondering, how much do Uber drivers make in New York City? Well, besides Uber being a ride-sharing company, it has also been a job-creating company that has employed lots and lots of people.

It has given a lot of people the opportunity to be one’s, own boss. Well, before looking at how much Uber drivers make, why don’t we first look at how you can start an Uber business.

How to start an Uber business in New York

Before you start working with Uber, there’re several factors that you need to have to make you eligible for the job.

  1. Must be above 21 years old.
  2. Have a valid in-state driver’s license.
  3. Have at least one year of driving experience and three years if you’re older than 23.
  4. Have valid auto insurance that meets liability requirements.
  5. Have a car that meets Uber requirements.
  6. Pass a criminal background check.
  7. Have a smartphone to use the Uber app.

Apart from your own evaluation, the car must also meet Uber requirements. Here are the vehicle general requirements;

  • Must be a 4-door car or minivan.
  • Be a 2006 model or newer unless otherwise stated.
  • Have working doors and air conditioning.
  • Have no commercial branding.
  • Be in good condition with no cosmetic damage.

There are four main categories of Uber vehicles, each with its special requirements.


This is the most popular vehicle for most riders. Requirements;

  • Seats 4 passengers
  • Any color
  • Popular models; Toyota Camry, Mazda3, Honda Accord, Toyota Prius


Riders prefer this mostly when they have luggage or they are more of them. Minivans and SUVs qualify here.

  • Seats 6 passengers
  • Any color
  • Popular models; Ford Explorer, Toyota Highlander, Buick Enclave, KIA Sorento


Essentially, this is the luxury version of today’s UberX. Luxury sedan with black interior and exterior qualify for UberBlack.

  • Seats 4 passengers
  • Black interior and exterior
  • Popular models; BMW 7 Series, Mercedes S-Class, Jaguar XF, Lexus LS460


This is for riders who want a premium experience and extra space. Luxury SUVs with black interior and exterior qualify for an UberSUV.

  • Seats 6 passengers
  • Black interior and exterior
  • Popular models; Infiniti QX56, QX80, Lexus LX, Lincoln Navigator, Chevrolet Suburban

How much do Uber drivers make in New York City?

The amount of money an Uber driver makes depends on the city he’s in, the bigger the city, the more you earn. It also depends on the hours he’s working in, peak or off-peak.

An average Uber driver earns $15.60 per hour.

An average New York Uber driver makes an average of $26.42  per ride.

A New York Uber driver averages two rides per hour and works for an average of 30 hours per week.

Gross income for New York City drivers is $80,839 per year (pre-tax).

Net income is $45, 545 per year (pre-tax).

Net hourly income is $29 per hour (pre-tax)

This simplifies for you the Uber requirements NYC, ways on how to start an Uber business in New York and how much Uber drivers make in New York City.

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