How to Buy Cheap Cars in Kenya

When in a process to looking for steps on how to buy cheap cars in Kenya, getting stuck in options and encountering pushy salesmen can be extremely annoying and confusing. As a result, I do whatever we can to help you buy a car that you will keep as long as want and the one that will be fuel efficient.

I have put together a list of most helpful car buying tips in Kenya that you should follow. These tips will help you save money and reduce the stress that is associated with buying cars in Kenya.

Important Tips for Buying a Car

Do Your Research

Knowledge is the most important thing to consider before buying a car in Kenya. It is very wrong to go a motor hub before doing some research on the car that you want to buy. There’s a lot of info on Google and you can find anything you want to know about your dream car.

Look into Asset Finance in Kenya Options

A number of people in Kenya get financing from a bank or from a car dealership. Dealership interest rates are higher than bank’s asset financing loans in Kenya. Your bank is the right and best place to evaluate the loan interest for your car.

Window-Shop Around

Shopping around before you buying a car is a great move too. This has always been my rule whenever I buy decide to buy a newer car. I always make sure that I visit at least 10 motor hubs before making a purchase.

Negotiate Terms

Buying a car is one of the most vital investment you’ll make in your life. Let the person who is selling you the car know he can’t take you for a joke. Do everything possible to negotiate the quoted price of your chosen car. Begin with a ridiculous amount, and work backward.

Walk to the car dealership majestically, stick to your lane and do not feel bad turning down their offer. Walk away.

Look at Both Used and New Cars

Recently the prices for used cars has increased dramatically making new cars more realistic when it comes to buying a car. Make sure to have an open mind when shopping for a car.

Buy Based on Purchase Price

Don’t be misled! Kenyan Car dealers are very notorious for offering monthly payments to buyers. Always negotiate based on the purchase price, avoid monthly payments at all costs.

Purchase Online

Buying a car online is an option to consider. The greatest thing about this is that you will avoid hungry salespeople.

Don’t Talk about Your Trade In

Don’t disclose your trade-in until the end of the process. Play your cards wisely. If you fail to do so, the dealer with use your information against you.

Insurance Costs

Make sure to do some deep digging of insurance costs of your preferred car before buying it.

Plan Ahead

Avoid buying a car before planning ahead. By doing some research before, this prevents your from stress.