How to Disinfect a Razor


Wondering on how to disinfect a razor? Well, it’s certain that a razor needs to be disinfected as regularly as possible between shaves.

While shaving, the razor may accumulate germs and bacteria which may end up causing a bacterial infection on you.

Cleaning and sterilizing your razor frequently kill any germs or bacteria on it thus giving you a safe shave.  Clean your razor after every use and make sure you sterilize it often.

How to clean a razor

  1. Rinse the razor; You can rinse the razor under the faucet. Coldwater cleans but hot water does it better as easies up the hairs caught up in the razor making it easy to remove them.
  2. Tap the razor against the sink; As you continue to rinse the razor, tap it against the sink to remove the build-up accumulated on it. Do it softly to avoid breaking the razor.
  3. Dislodge the remaining hairs; You can use a brush or an unused toothbrush to remove the remaining hairs on the razor.
  4. Dry the razor; After rinsing it thoroughly and making sure no hairs are left on it, dry the razor well before storing it.
  5. Storage; Store the razor upright in a well-ventilated, dry space.

How to disinfect a razor

You may also decide to disinfect your razor which will give you a nice safe shave and increase the longevity of the razor. People use different ways to sterilize or disinfect their razors.

Boiling the razor

This is one of the simplest ways of disinfecting your razor. Put it in boiling water and avoid it touching the pot directly to avoid damaging the razor. Boiling the razor kills all germs and bacteria on it thus disinfecting it. Boiling also removes any rust on the razor.

Never add cold water into the pot while the razor is boiling as the temperature change may tamper with the razor and maybe deform it.

Dry the razor well after boiling it.

Use rubbing alcohol

This is another way that you can easily disinfect your shaving razor.

Rinse your razor under hot water, use soap and a brush to scrub the razor clean ensuring no build-up is left between blades. Then rinse the razor again and dry it.

Put some rubbing alcohol in a cup or glass (for better results the alcohol should be at least 70% pure) Rubbing alcohol contains anti-microbial properties that will help eliminate bacteria.

Submerge the razor head into the alcohol and shake it while inside. This helps remove the pesky bacteria on the blades and also removes any build-up left in the blades.

You can leave the razor to soak for 5-10 minutes then dry it thoroughly before storing it.

You can also use hydrogen peroxide or distilled white vinegar in place for rubbing alcohol depending on what you have at hand.

My Pick on how to disinfect razor

My final pick on how to disinfect a razor is that disinfecting the razor is not quite necessary if you are the only user. Just clean the razor after using it and you are good to go.

But if you buy a second-hand razor make sure you disinfect it before using it. If you share your razor with someone, it’s also healthy to disinfect it.


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