How to Improve Baby Skin Color During Pregnancy


Thinking on how to improve baby skin color during pregnancy? Well, there are several measures which when taken will help improve your baby’s complexion.

Mostly, your diet is what plays a major role in determining your baby’s complexion. Certain foods and fruits help improve the skin color of your baby. So if you were wondering how to reduce melanin in baby skin during pregnancy, then you’re more than sorted.

How to Improve Baby Skin Color during Pregnancy.

Here are some of the foods, fruits, and drinks you should take during pregnancy to have a fair baby:


Coconuts are rich in dietary fiber, sodium, potassium, calcium, magnesium, minerals, hormones, enzymes, etc. Coconut oil contains lauric acid which is a powerful anti-microbial fatty acid that not only protects the immune system of the unborn child but also makes his skin fairer.

Also, coconut milk during pregnancy acts as an excellent source of good fat that promotes the growth of a healthy baby and increases the volume of breast milk.


Eggs are nutrient-rich foods that are good and healthy for both the mother and the unborn child. Eggs are rich in vitamin A, Folate, vitamin B5, vitamin B12, vitamin B2, Phosphorus, Selenium and also contain a decent amount of vitamin k, vitamin D, Calcium, and Zinc.

These are some of the foods you should take to have a baby with fairer skin.


Besides their healthy fats, avocados also have chlorophyll to reduce inflammation, water to hydrate, and vitamin E to promote softness.

When taken by a pregnant woman, they may help improve the unborn baby’s skin color.


Ghee is said to make a baby’s skin fairer. It helps improve the body’s ability to absorb vitamins and minerals from the food you consume thus boosting the vitality of the skin.

Ghee also contains fatty acids that induce hydration in skin cells and moisturize the skin.

Saffron Milk

Saffron milk is believed to also contribute to improving a baby’s skin color. Drinking it will help improve the color of the baby.

Saffron also has properties known to purify the blood and its also an excellent beauty product as well.


Milk is also an essential part of a pregnant woman’s diet. Milk is crucial for the development of the fetus and has essential nutrients that make the skin softer and glow.


Consumption of almonds by mothers is also believed to help them deliver fair-skin babies.

After the baby is born, you are recommended to massage the baby with almond oil which helps keep their skin moisturized and glowing.

Fennel Seeds

Pregnant ladies drinking the water of the soaked fennel seeds is also a key on how to improve baby skin color during pregnancy. Drinking it also helps reduce the nausea feeling.

Gooseberry Marmalade

Gooseberry Marmalade is a common Indian food which is said to be quite advantageous to a pregnant woman.

It’s healthy to consume during pregnancy as it’s rich in calcium and vitamin C and it can help get a baby’s fair complexion.

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