How to Make Money as a Student in Kenya


Looking for ways on how to make money as a student in Kenya?

Most people take it like you have to be broke if you are a student. Well, it happens that most times students are broke but that’s for those not creative enough to think outside the box.

There are lots of job opportunities for students, jobs that you can do part-time in the evenings and on weekends or full time if you do evening classes.

You don’t have to stay broke while in college and there are ways to make money.

How to make money as a student in Kenya


This is one of the ways you could start making yourself money as a student. Get yourself a genre that you’d love to write about and start a blog.

All you need to do is;

  • Pick a blog name.
  • Register your blog.
  • Customize your blog.
  • Write your first blog and publish it.
  • Promote your blog.
  • Start making money.


You can earn yourself cash simply by being a freelancer. You get to earn from things that you are skilled in and passionate about.

Here are some freelancing jobs that are top in demand;

  • Graphic Design
  • Marketing and Advertising
  • Content Writing
  • Video and Animation
  • Software Development
  • Transcription and Translation


Well, do you own a bodaboda or have someone you could hire from?

Making deliveries is one way on how to make money as a student in  Kenya. You can sign up with a delivery company in Kenya, eg UberEats, and start earning money from making deliveries.

You will have the delivery app on your smartphone which you will log in as working when you’re free and start making deliveries.

You get to work on your own terms, therefore, no pressure.

Social media influencer

Being a social media influencer is also another way on how to make money as a student in Kenya.

Getting yourself a large audience on social media could be a way of generating income. With a big number of followers on social media, you can become an influencer and start getting paid for the likes.

You can also be hired by companies to run ads thus earning yourself more cash.


Are you good at certain courses or topics? Have you thought about tutoring at a fee?

It’s time you start making money with what you’re good at. You can start tutoring your fellow students at a fee when at school or in the evenings.

How about coaching high school and primary school kids when you go on holiday?

Website designing

This is one of the best ways on how to make money as a student in Kenya.

As long as you have a computer, a stable internet connection, and some basic graphic and web design skills, you could very easily start making money as a web designer.

You can get customers easily on freelancing sites such as Fiverr and Upwork.

Flyers distribution

To make yourself money as a student, you can also decide to be distributing flyers at school for pay.


  • Must have a smartphone with an Unlimited Data plan
  • Must have own transportation to pick-up flyers from the location
  • Verbal and Written fluency in English
  • Strong customer service skills to interact with customer
  • Must dress appropriately

Volunteer for research

Another easy way on how to make money as a student in Kenya is volunteering for research.

Every now and again, your university or college will be looking for people to participate in paid research, why don’t you jump in and make yourself some cash?

The best places to look for these opportunities is through the university billboards as well as your student e-mail address.

Brand ambassador

You can also earn yourself good money as a student by being a brand ambassador.

As a brand ambassador, you’re basically paid to represent other companies.

If you’re wondering whether you can actually make money in Kenya as a brand ambassador, this is what Bahati is doing as Brand Ambassador for Indomie.

Rue Baby (Akothee’s daughter) a student at Strathmore University, is the brand ambassador of Nivea.

Don’t be complaining of how broke you are because you are in college. There are thousands of ways on how to make money as a student in Kenya, it’s time you made a move.

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