How to Make Money on Facebook Ads

Case Study: How I made Ksh 575,368 Last Month With Facebook Ads

Last month, I made Ksh 575,368 with Facebook ads, can you imagine that? On this article, I’ll show you How to Make Money on Facebook Ads. Facebook ads have totally changed the way we make money online. I have my ads set up in a way that I always get a high return on investment.

Making money with Facebook ads can be really easy if you know where to start! Profit could be 310% to 700% depending on your niche.

Needless to say, it is worth sharing with you (For Free) about how you can make money on Facebook Ads.

How to Make Money on Facebook Ads

There’s a lot of money to be made using Facebook ads and I will show you how.

Create an Image That Catches the Attention of your Market

This is where a lot of entrepreneurs fail. The best size of Facebook Ad is 1200*627. You can crop your image to make it look better using Facebook Adjust tool.

Include pictures of your product or service that’s going to be in Facebook.

Create Ad Copy That Match With Your Market & Include a Link

You should be aware of what your audience wants to hear. This particular text should be simple but stay on track with your brand’s style. You can include a link in your copy to give your customers another place to click.

Decide on Your Targeting & Test It

Most people do this first, but I like to see how the ad appear before I choose to target. If a particular image and copy would do best for only the audience of my client, then I’ll set up the ad to only go to people who like the page.  Don’t forget to set up the interest, age, as well as any other demographic that’s relevant to your ad.

Monitor, Adjust and Check for Engagement and Clicks

A number of Facebook Ads you set up won’t be perfect. The cost per follower or cost per click will be higher than you want. You may need to change a little bit your targeting to see what happens. You might also learn that your ads are gaining a number of comments. This is an excellent example to sell to these best social media leads. Make Money on Facebook Ads now.



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