How to Start Auto Spare Parts Business in Kenya in 6 Steps

This is a complete guide on how to start auto spare parts business in Kenya.

Well, it is a great business idea since auto spare business is one of the booming businesses in Kenya. With the right information, you can get to do what you are passionate about.

Though the business is quite competitive, your plan and effort are what will make your business stand out. Every step defines the future of the business, from laying down your idea, financing it to starting it.

Proper guidance and information through all the steps will give you a successful business.

How to start auto spare parts business in Kenya

Well, before starting any business, there are strategies to follow so as to get to that lucrative business you’ve ever wanted. Here are things to do before starting a business in Kenya.


This is one of the most crucial things to do before starting a business. Research helps you answer some of the questions you might have like; who are my target customers? Which place is most suitable for the business? How long will it take the business to pick up?

All these will help you get a better plan for the business.


From doing research, you will also be able to come up with an ideal place to set up the business. For auto spares business, you should consider places with high traffic of cars, near a carwash, petrol station, etc.


This is another most essential thing in starting a business. It entails the financial assets you need to start and run the business. The size of the capital you have is what dictates the size of the business you’ll start. For an auto spare parts business, you will need at least Kshs 1 million to start the business.

Business Plan

This is also a vital component in starting a business. You get to lay out your business goals and ways on how you plan to achieve them and also the period you are sure to have accomplished them.

A business plan is very helpful since it keeps you on track with your goals, helps you identify your areas of weakness and will also help you with investors.

Source of Supply

Before setting up your auto spare parts business, you will also need to identify your source of supply for the products. You can choose to import or buy them locally.

Also through the knowledge of vehicles dominating the Kenyan roads, you should go for their spares as you are guaranteed that the market is there. You can go for spare parts for; Toyota, Nissan, Mazda, and Isuzu.

Legal Procedures

Finally, for every business in Kenya, there are legal formalities to go through before setting up the business. First, you’ll need to register the business then get a business permit which you will be renewing annually. You will also be required to have a KRA Pin for tax payment and a National Health Insurance Fund for health insurance and you’re good to go.

All these stages sum up how to start auto spare parts business in Kenya. They will be able to walk you through the whole procedure of starting a business. Research shows that 80% of auto spares businesses make over Kshs 100,000 monthly and few makeups to Kshs 3 million.

You never know, this could be your boss move! Let us know your thoughts.


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