Top 5 Outstanding Private Party Venues in Nairobi

Have you been window-shopping for Private Party Venues in Nairobi? Well, wonder no more. Savvy men and women have always admired the exclusivity of well-hidden venues for their meet-ups and holding parties.  You too can be part of this exclusive club and amaze your guests with these stunning locations.  They are perfect venues where you can host your private party in Nairobi.  You have the option of hosting a birthday party, graduation party or reunion party. You will be assured of picture perfect backgrounds, perfectly manicured lawns, well-trained staff and of course culinary delights. So next time you are planning a getaway that is not far from home, make sure to check out this list to know the best private party venues in Nairobi.

Amani garden inn

It’s located in Westland’s Rhapta road making it easily accessible to people who will use private or public means. Though surrounded by modern structures like shopping malls and restaurants, it has been able to maintain its ancient trees and building structures that have been there for more than 50 years in pristine condition. Structures that have been put in place are able to accommodate all age groups.

Sports view Kasarani

Its well-manicured garden and the proximity to the city center make it ideal for a private party venue. Since there is a restaurant at the location, this cuts the cost of outsourcing meals from outside. In case the party ends late, there are affordable rooms at the hotel. Should it happen that you overstay until late hours, there is public transport that operates even at odd hours of the night.

Skyblue garden

Located in the posh leafy suburbs, Sky blue Garden provides the perfect venue. In case you have people to catering or any other service that you will need for that day, Sky blue garden takes care of it. They search and choose a supplier for you. After the event, you will be requested to give a review of their services.

Cool breeze gardens

Nested in the cool suburbs of Muthaiga, they make your dreams come true. Cool breeze gardens try and make the event as memorable as possible. They offer a range of menus which you can choose one that fits your budget. It’s a non-alcoholic venue as it was built based on Christian Religious principles.

Zen garden

Surrounded by Nairobi springs, Zen garden is breathtaking and exceptionally beautiful modeled under an Asian theme. Zen garden has been able to sell itself through the quality of food and the professional service they offer. They offer a wide and exotic menu which ranges from Chinese food to Japanese and even Thai. The most outstanding feature of Zen garden is the cooking station. They have positioned the cooking station right where the guests sit. This enables the chef to interact with them while he/she prepares sumptuous fresh dishes.

Such stunning locations will leave your guests talking about the experience of these private party venues for a long time and create memories.