Top 5 Best Qatar Agencies In Kenya


Have you always dreamt of working in Qatar and wondering which are the best Qatar agencies in Kenya?

There are thousands of well-paying jobs in Qatar and it’s time for you to get a decent job.

This article will shed light on the Top 5 Best Qatar Agencies In Kenya together with their contacts. With these Agencies, you will get a job paying over Ksh 79,000 per month.

Top 5 Best Qatar Agencies In Kenya

1. Talent Quest Africa Limited

Talent Quest Africa Limited is one of the best recruiting agency. It specializes in getting jobs for both skilled and semi-skilled from Kenya to the Gulf area and beyond. Some of the countries that Talent Quest jobs has include; the United Arab Emirates, China, Lebanon, Bahrain, and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.


Their offices are located at Union Towers First Floor along Moi Avenue. You can call them via the number 020-2217471 / +254710584830 or you can reach them through email address;

2. Al-Jamana Agency Ltd

Al-Jamana Agency Limited is trusted as one of the best premier public sector executive recruitment firm for jobs in Dubai for Kenyans. They have enabled hundreds of Kenyans to get well-paying jobs in the Gulf region. They conduct fair and free applications.

3. Gulf Manpower

This is another one of Qatar Agencies In Kenya. The company started way back in 2007. Over the years, Gulf Manpower has developed into a reputable, reliable recruiting firm.

The reason for its success is that Gulf Manpower is committed to enhancing people’s lives by placing them in top jobs that pay well.


Gulf Manpower offices are situated on the third floor of Watersys Annex Opposite Jamia Mall in Nairobi City.

You can contact them using +254 722 304 787 or email them via

4. Elmerry International Connections Ltd

This agency has a unique ability to recruit the most skilled personnel that can perform their assigned roles well. This agency works with a team of specialists and professionals that have years of experience in all sectors as it takes talent to know talent.


You can visit them at Ansh Plaza, third floor, Biashara/Tabman Street.

You can call their offices by Phone: +254 723 603 708  / +254 721 264 048  or email them via

5. Plan Manpower Limited

Plan Manpower Limited is one of the best recruitment agencies in Kenya for Middle East jobs that deal with the outsourcing of the workforce for industries in the Energy & Resource, Oil & Gas industry, IT & Telecom, Construction, Engineering, Support Services, Hospitality, and Manufacturing industries.

This agency exports labor to countries such as the EU, the Far East, and the Middle East. Plan Manpower also helps her clients with visa processing as well as International and Domestic ticketing services to provide smooth operations for free.


You can visit Plan Manpower at Development House Second Floor room 22 or call them via +254 722 423275 / +254 719 510505. You can also send them an email at

Final Thoughts – Qatar Agencies In Kenya.

The above are the Best Qatar Agencies In Kenya. There are many Kenyan ladies in Qatar as well as men. What are you waiting for if you are now working online on websites like QA World and now that you’ve got Qatar job agents? Get a decent job in Qatar via these recruitment agencies in Kenya for Middle East jobs.

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