Easy Guide to Registering a Company Through eCitizen


Registering a company through eCitizen in Kenya has become very easy in Kenya in the past 10 years. This has been facilitated largely by positive government policies of ease of doing business and improved public service delivery. One of the major milestones is the e-citizen platform that has consolidated several services in one platform.

The shift from manual to online to registration procedures has drastically cut down the amount of a business can be registered in Kenya. All these efforts are to ensure Kenya becomes competitive in the global market through ease of doing business and efficiency in service delivery. The following guide offers step by step instructions on how to easily register a company in Kenya.

Register with eCitizen

Before you register a company through eCitizen, make sure you have an Identity Card. Also, make sure that you have a working email address as some details will be sent to the email for verification. Login to www.ecitizen.go.ke to access the service

Apply and pay for company name search

Before any company name is registered, a search is conducted to see if the name is already registered. It is advisable to have 3 unique business names to ensure availability. It costs KES 100 for a single business name search and KES 50 eCitizen convenience fee

  • You will need a Passport photo (copy)
  • Contact details
  • Name reservation application notification.
  • Payment invoice

Obtaining company name reservation

If you get a rejection letter it means that your name is already in use, therefore, you should reapply using a different name. Always have 3 unique names at hand.

Application for company registration

When applying, you will be requested to key in the number obtained earlier during the name reservation process. After completing the application then immediately download the nominal capital statement, CR1, CR2, CR8 and have them signed. After signing then upload them back to the system.

You are going to need

  • PIN certificate (copy) for each director if they are citizens
  • Copy of their Passport if the directors are foreigners. The copy should be showing the bio-data page
  • Copy of their Passport photo for each director
  • Copy of the Company PIN
  • Copy of the Certificate of incorporation
  • KES 10,000 for company registration
  • KES 600 For CR 12 – List of shareholders certificate
  • KES 50 eCitizen convenience fee

Submit signed application forms

Upon submission of the signed forms, the application undergoes review whereby the registrar checks whether the requirements have been met and whether the forms have been signed by the requisite parties. If satisfied, it is approved when the applicant will be able to download the registration certificates. If the application is missing some requirements, it will be sent back for corrections.

Obtain company registration documents

This is the final step and you will access you

  • Certificate of incorporation
  • List of shareholders and directors- CR 12

Estimated total cost of the procedure: KES 12,700. Registering a company through eCitizen has cut agents that were once there making the process cheaper. It’s convenient, to say the least as you can now do it in the comfort of your home.


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