Sportpesa Registration Now

Do you want to be a millionaire with sportpesa?

Looking for SportPesa Registration Now? Betting has become big business in the sporting world and nowhere has it gained popularity like in Kenya. Can you make an investment in it? We can boldly say yes. Multi betting enables one person to place different bets on different games, therefore, increasing someone’s chance of winning big. Do you want to know the secret?

The steps are simple, all you have to do is

1).Create an account with sportpesa by opening their website, .If you already have an account then just input you username and password and you are good to go

2).After you login in, you will be able to see all the games that will be played for that day. Decide on the games you want to bet on by simply clicking on them once.

3) You can also bet conveniently using your phone by use of sms or you can easily download the sportpesa app on your play store. But for this, you will have to fill a form first and the form can be downloaded on

4).As you were clicking on the games you want to bet, you will have noticed that all those games are showing on the right side of the screen. If you are not sure of a game and you had already clicked, there is an ‘x’ sign at the top end of the game. Just click it and it will be removed.

5) Remember, a point to note, not all games that have been given a higher prediction ,necessarily translate to a win. Before placing a bet, be conversant with the team playing, especially their players, who is playing, who is injury etc

6).The next step is to place the amount you are willing place to  it can be from the lowest which is 50 bob and any higher figure you are comfortable with.

7) There is a button named “place bet”. Click on it

8).shortly you will receive a message from this number, 79079 acknowledging the number of prediction games you have placed, the amount you entered and showing you the amount you can win if all the games you have predicted win.

9).After all this, sit back and let fate determine whether you are the next millionaire in town.

10).in case you won any amount, you will get an acknowledgment notifying you of the amount you have won and will it automatically go to your spesa account.

11).If you want to withdraw any amount it’s still easy. Create a new sms and write the word “W” for withdraw, followed by the amount you want to withdraw, followed by your sportpesa pin. In case you have forgotten your pin, just click on the “forgot password” at the top of the homepage.

12) Have you seen how easy you can create, bet and win? Try it today