Standard Chartered Online Banking in Kenya | What You Need to Know

Standard Chartered Bank was awarded, by Global Finance in 2012, as the best global and Africa consumer Internet bank. Gone are the days for making long queues and paperwork to fill. The free service currently is offered to cardholders only i.e. customers who operate a savings account, current account, and credit card. You can easily use the online services by registering the number you registered with, your credit or debit card number and your pin. Let me share why standard chartered online banking deserved the award.

Security feature

They have a standard chartered app which you can download from play store. It comes with a security feature where you can use your fingerprint as the password. It’s the fastest way to login in and furthermore who can guess the password? Though not all phones are supported using this feature, it’s in the process.

OTP security feature

When using your Visa card, standard chartered has put security feature where you have to put a one- time password that will be sent to your phone. This ensures that only the cardholder is the only person who can be able to finish the transaction. This has been able to put a stop to fraud activities.

Straight to bank feature

It’s a platform that was introduced so as you are able to do all your transaction online. With this feature, you can do your business transaction with ease. The biggest advantage is that all information can be accessed on a 24/7 basis. It has a high level of security with the introduction of a 3 level login, encryption and digitized signature. It has made cross-border trading cheaper and effective as no need of traveling to make a deal.

Video chatting

Standard Chartered online banking introduced video chatting. It enables customers to connect with bank agents through a chat or an audio. Video chatting enables one to download and upload a document in real time.


When registering using the online platform you will be asked for a valid email where you will be getting your statements. The emails are encrypted with a password for security. The advantage of it is that whenever you need to refer you can easily access them.

When login in on an online platform always ensure that you use the standard chartered website. Never use a public computer or an unsecured network to log in. Always use strong passwords. It should contain alphabets, numbers and special characters and always be changing your password regularly.