Starting a Small Electrical Shop in Kenya


Are you thinking of starting a small electrical shop in Kenya?

This is a small retail shop where you will be selling electrical items, things like wiring cables, sockets, bulbs, etc. If you’re skilled and passionate about electrical stuff, you can also be an entrepreneur in the sector.

You don’t have to have large sums of money, you can start small and grow big with time. Most successful business people started with small businesses which then turned into big thriving businesses.

Start by selling the most basic stuff that is always in high demand eg bulbs, extensions then you can grow from there to the more bigger and expensive stuff.

Starting a small electrical shop in Kenya

Many people start businesses but within some time the business goes down. This is because most people jump right into starting the business without really considering the important factors around the business.

Before starting your electrical shop or any other business for that matter, there are facts you should consider;

  • Business idea. Have a business idea that stands out and that is well thought of. This will help your business stand out among the hundreds of businesses you will find in the market. Your business should be an answer to someone’s problems.
  • Research. Having more knowledge about the business you’re going to start is one of the major strategies of starting a business. Research about your target market, the products you’re going to offer, the location, etc.
  • Explore the market. Assess the market demand for the product you will be offering, the competition, business gap, etc.
  • Capital and finances. This is another key factor to consider since with no capita you can’t have a business. Assess the amount of capital you have and if you need extra cash. You can start up the business with own capital and then get a loan to boost the business.
  • Technology. This is one thing you can never compromise when it comes to starting a business in this era. Whether it is office equipment, plant, and machinery, or the software required to monitor your business, you will have to incorporate the right technology into it.

To start an electrical shop in Kenya;

  • Have the necessary licensing. In Kenya, every business should have all the necessary licenses in order to run. So before you start the business, make sure to have the licenses required.
  • Get a location. After doing research, get yourself the most place to run your business.
  • Develop professional relationships. Every businessperson needs professional relationships to grow his/her business. So get yourself potential clients and develop contacts with them.
  • Develop a marketing plan. This is another way of reaching out to potential customers. Thanks to social media, marketing in this era has gone to become such an easy task.

Those are some steps to help you in starting a small electrical shop in Kenya. So you better dig in and start changing ideas to plan.

It’s impossible till it’s done and also well begun is halfway done.

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