Tala Loan App

Tala earlier known as Inventure is definitely an international credit services firm very interested in financially unlocking the unbanked communities out of poverty through purchasing quick low interest mobile loans .Presently Tala trades in Kenya, Tanzania and also the Philippines.

Tala Loan App serves as the platform just where customers of the credit products get served. All you should have is an android smart phone compatible with the Tala app.

How to use Tala

Before you submit an application for loans from Tala, you have to download that Tala loan app and also register as a customer. You will need a safaricom Mpesa number in order to proceed to be a customer.

Right after registration, the app will certainly gather some data in your mobile phone device which among additional information will be used in order to calculate your creditworthiness and make a loan limit as well as interest rate for you.

Most of the people don’t meet the requirements on day one. In case this happens, don’t unistall the Tala app. Let it stay there and proceed using you mobile phone as normal. Continue on checking the app, ideally every 7 days to confirm in case you now qualify for a loan.

Tala Loan Features

  • Financial loan is handed over within a few minutes to your Mpesa account
  • Highest loan amount one can possibly qualify for is kes 50, 000
  • Interest rate is flexible and also depends upon customer credit score
  • Repayment period depends upon the total amount borrowed. This could be due within a 7 days or a month.

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