10 Best Tech Companies in Cambridge Ma | Plus Bonus Guide

A piece of detailed information on the best tech companies in Cambridge MA is a plus when it comes to looking for major employers tech companies in Cambridge Ma

Besides being the home of renowned educational institutions, there are also lots of tech and biotech companies in Cambridge. Below are some of them:

Tech Companies in Cambridge MA

Basis Technology

This is a software company based in Cambridge, Massachusetts set to engineer a safer and more productive world. This is by building proven Al solutions for analyzing text, connecting data silos, and discovering digital evidence.

Over the years, Basis Technology has provided analytics for businesses and also government companies to help them resolve their biggest threats. It has been of major help when verifying identity, understanding customers, anticipating world events, and uncovering crime.

Address: 101 Main Street 14F Cambridge MA

Contacts: +1-617-386-2000

Kensho Technologies

The company was founded out of MIT and Havard in 2013 and operates independently from its headquarters in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

The company is a diverse and spirited group of scientists and engineers who are accomplished analytical thinkers and passionate problem solvers. They have deep experience in information visualization, open-source technology, investigative analytics, and also custom software development.

Address: 44 Brattle St, Cambridge MA, USA

Contact: +1 617-987-9049

Charles River Analytics Inc.

This is a company that conducts leading-edge Al, robotics and human-machine interface R&D and leverages that R&D to create custom solutions for your organization.

They aim at being the most effective, customer-focused provider of innovative R&D solutions for increasingly complex and important human-systems challenges.

Address: 625 Mt Auburn, Cambridge MA

Contacts: +1 617-491-3474


This is one of the biggest biotech companies in Cambridge MA. The multinational biotech company specializes in the discovery, development, and delivery of therapies for the treatment of neurological and neurodegenerative diseases.

Address: 250 Binney Street, Cambridge MA.

Contacts: +1 781 464 2000


Pivotal is a software and services company working with the world’s leading companies to transform how software is built.

Pivotal is customer-focused to help them deliver exceptional user experience through its platform, tools, and methodology.

Address: 255 Main St, Cambridge MA

Contacts: +1 415-777-4868


This is a company set to help organizations grow better. By creating a workplace that values flexibility, autonomy, and transparency, HubSpot’s culture builds connections, careers and employees’ growth.

HubSpot offers a full stack of software for marketing, sales, and customer service, with a completely free CRM at its core.

Address: 25 First St, Cambridge MA

Contacts: +1 877-929-0687


This is a venture-backed company that competes in the cloud computing infrastructure market against all the major players in the industry. It is one of the major employers’ tech companies in Cambridge Ma.

Address: 485 Massachusetts Ave, Cambridge MA

Contacts:  +1 347-903-7918

Sesen Bio

This is a biologic oncology company that focuses on the design and development of targeted protein therapeutics (TPTs). It develops products based on its proprietary TPT platform and focused on addressing areas of unmet medical needs in cancer.

The company was formally known as Eleven Biotherapeutics.

Address: 245 First Street Suite 1800, Cambridge MA

Contacts: (617) 444-8550

Moderna Therapeutics Inc

Moderna Inc is a biotechnology company that is focused on drug discovery and drug development based on messenger RNA (mRNA). The company creates synthetic mRNA that can be injected into patients to help them create their own therapies. It is also one of the major employers’ tech companies in Cambridge MA.

Address: 320 Bent St, Cambridge MA 

Contacts: +1 617-714-6500


This is a  is an automotive research and shopping website that assists users in comparing local listings for used and new cars, and contacting sellers. It is based in Cambridge  Massachusetts.

Address: 2 Canal Park, Cambridge MA

Contacts: +1 888-440-6679

Do you think we have left any Best Tech Companies in Cambridge Ma? Let us know. With the above tech companies in Cambridge, you now have a list of companies to outsource service from or to get a job from.


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