Things to Sell to University Students in Kenya


Are you looking for things to sell to university students in Kenya?

Well, there is a lot of goods and services you can sell to university students and make yourself some good money.

Universities are one source of employment opportunities in the country for university students and also for the community around them.

So don’t just sit there wondering what to do with your free time and you are in need of cash. You could start selling any of the things I’ll list down for you.

Things to sell to university students in Kenya


In their free time, mostly evenings and weekends, university students will mostly be on their phones and laptops watching movies.

Why not take advantage of this and start a movie shop nearby? This could be your move to earning a steady income.


A food business has never been wrong since everyone needs to eat. Maybe you’re a good cook always making delicious food for family and friends.

You can start making money from cooking by selling your foodies around the university. You can make things like chapatis, homemade pizza, mandazi, samosa, cakes, etc. You can also make smoothies as accompaniment.

On the other hand, if you’re not so good in the kitchen, you can sell things like boiled eggs. Who doesn’t know how to boil eggs?


Clothes are also things to sell to university students in Kenya. University students are always in awe of fashion and stylish clothes.

You will find them buying clothes every now and then to satisfy their dressing desires. If you are business-minded, then this automatically gives you the idea of selling clothes in or within a university.

You can get clothes at cheap prices in Gikomba or Toi market and then sell them to university students earning yourself some cash.


Another line of business that you could never go wrong with when it comes to university students is photography.

Almost everyone in the university wants to capture their great moments with their loved ones. You just need a quality camera that will take professional photos and you’re good to go.


When it comes to a cybercafe, there are various services you can be providing at a fee: you can be selling internet time, PC games, doing printing, photocopying, etc.

Students will always be flooding into a cybercafe to get their assignments and project proposals done as well as have some time to play PC games.


Cosmetics are also some of the things to sell to university students in Kenya. Every girl wants to feel and look beautiful and hence will go deeper into their pockets to make that happen.

You can venture into selling cosmetics, makeup kits, perfumes, etc and start creating income.


Probably at any learning institution, stationery will always be on-demand. There will always be a need for books, pens, foolscaps, printing papers, envelopes, etc.

Why don’t you grab the opportunity and start a stationery business near a university?

Music studio

There are lots and lots of upcoming artists in universities probably others not knowing where to start in their music career.

You can set up a music studio nearby and give these students a place to create beats and record music while you earn from it.

Grocery stall

Many view this as a meager earning job not knowing that people are able to settle their bills and invest in their future from grocery stores.

Starting a grocery stall in or near a university could be your boss move as everyone must eat and therefore there must be a need for groceries.

All the above are some of the things to sell to university students in Kenya, so do your research and discern which goes right with you and be ready to start earning.

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