TranscribeMe Review | Make Ksh 4250 Daily Typing

How to Make Ksh 4250 Daily Typing at Transcribe

One of the Kilimani Mums had requested me to share a TranscribeMe review, earlier this month.

TranscribeMe is an online transcription company. Businesses send audio files to them and you get paid to listen to those recorded audio files and type them out. They are one of the most high-paying and trusted popular online transcription company in the world.

If you’re planning to joinTranscribeMe, you might be asking if it’s worth of your precious time. I’ve been transcribing with them for about two years now and I make roughly Ksh 5120 per day.

Here’s a breakdown of what it’s like to be a transcriptionist at TranscribeMe.

TranscribeMe Account Activation

I’ll begin with what it takes to actually get an online transcription job with TranscribeMe. Before you can start making good cash with TranscribeMe, you do have to pass a small easy test. This particular test demonstrates to them that you can do a good job.


TranscribeMe pay

Let’s be honest here, let me start with the TranscribeMe pay, that’s why we’re here now. TranscribeMe currently pays Ksh 2000 per audio hour.

Payouts are sent out every Thursday.

When I first started out, I averaged Ksh 2800 per day but after gaining some good experience, I now make up to Ksh 5000 per day comfortably.

The Kind Of Work You’ll Do

You will have to listen and type out recorded audios. 

It’s your responsibility to listen out what is coming out of people’s mouths and type it out so that it can be read and clearly understood. That’s always very easy.


Work As Much As You Want

You can log in anytime and work. I do work until there is no more work available.


Is It Really Worth It?

So, is working for TranscribeMe worth it? In my sincere view, yes. As I indicated before, transcription is very easy and the pay is not that bad. Making over Ksh 5000 per day in Kenya is not that bad. Considering it’s an online work from home job, it’s easier since and still, you can make over Ksh 150,000 per month by just doing transcription jobs

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