How To Use Lipa Na Bonga Points

Lipa na Bonga Points is an excellent payment service by Kenya’s large telecommunications service provider enabling customers to utilize the ussd code *126# dialed entirely on cell phones to purchase services and goods from retailers with allocated till numbers.

The lipa na Mpesa product service provider safaricom brought on board lipa na bonga points in order to make sure loyal customers with considerable amount of bonga points can easily move one step higher in redeeming their own loyalty points. For very long, safaricom customers are really able to redeem points in return of cell phones, airtime, free online minutes as well as Kenya airways tickets.

Using Lipa na bonga points.
Safaricom customers can dial the ussd code *126# using their mobile phones as well as follow the steps ahead.
Select lipa na bonga points
Select buy goods
Enter till number
At this point complete the other step customer for you. In case your bonga points are much sufficient to cover the discount expenses, you will buy the goods with success.

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