8 Best Waste Management Companies In Kenya


There are lots of waste management companies in Kenya.

These companies play a big role in protecting the environment and ensuring the population’s health and safety.

Waste is hazardous and despite polluting the environment, it may also cause health complications to both humans and animals. Different companies have come up that collect, transport, process, recycle or dispose of waste.

Waste Management Companies in Kenya

Here are some of the best waste management and waste recycling companies that are in Kenya;

Takataka Solutions

This is a waste management company located in Nairobi. They collect your waste like every other waste collector, but, instead of taking it to a landfill, they take it to their sites, where they sort the waste, and then recycle 95 percent either themselves or through their local partners. This represents one of the highest recycling rates in the world.

Address; Laikipia Townhouses No. 2, Laikipia Rd, Nairobi

Phone; 0708 276201

Website; takatakasolutions.com

Tranbiz Solutions Kenya

Tranbiz is a waste management company which is specialized in biomedical waste disposal. Tranbiz has been providing hazardous, medical, pharmaceutical waste management solutions throughout Kenya since 2010, Tranbiz is a regional leader in the biomedical waste disposal industry. This company has been ranked as the best in medical waste in Kenya.

Address; Industrial Area Enterprise Road, Nairobi

Phone; 0723 328551

Website; tranbiz.co.ke

Email; info@tranbiz.co.ke

Colnet Limited

Colnet Limited, incorporated in 1996, is a leading provider of cleaning and hospitality, waste management, sanitary services, fumigation, and pest control services in Kenya. The goal of their services is to assist clients by maintaining a clean environment which is done in accordance with the policies, procedures, and standards as required by law

Address; 1st Floor, Enterprise Centre, Addis Ababa Road, Enterprise Rd, Nairobi

Phone; 020 555107

Website; colnet.co.ke

Plenser Ltd

This is another waste management and engineering services provider in East Africa. Their aim is to deliver value in the provision of energy and waste management solutions, as well as the creation of human-friendly office space.

Address; Saku Business Park, North Airport Slip Road, Nairobi City

Phone; 0700 128141

Website; plenser.com

Email; info@plenser.com

Africote Ltd

Africote Ltd is a waste management company in Nairobi and a leader in environmental, health, and safety performance. Through their services, they are in compliance with all applicable environmental, health, and safety laws and regulations.

Address; City Park Dr, Nairobi

Phone; 020 2010444

Website; africote.org

Aqua Plumbing Co Ltd

Aqua Plumbing Co Ltd is a sewage treatment plant in Nairobi and one of the most outstanding large-scale enterprises in Kenya. Besides being a sewage treatment plant, it’s also leading in leading plumbing and fire fighting contractors, with a business scope that includes plumbing, drainage, fire fighting, installation of boilers, sprinkler systems and the supply of plumbing and fire fighting materials.

Address; P.O Box 46388 Chambers Rd, Nairobi

Phone; 020 3747873

Website; aqua.co.ke

Zoa Taka Ltd

They are a premier service provider to many satisfied individuals and corporate clients where they collect and dispose of any quantity of waste in all areas. Some of the services they offer include waste management, garbage collection, and disposal, gardening and landscaping, general cleaning of specified areas as well as the supply of bins, liners, and bags.

Address; Falcon Rd, Nairobi

Phone; 0725 048420

Mr. Green Kenya

This is a waste management company in Nairobi that collects and recycles the waste into fairly sourced materials for local and international markets. They lead in waste recycling in Kenya.

Address; Nairobi, Kenya

Phone; 0758 727083

Address; mrgreenafrica.com

Final Thoughts: Waste Management Companies in Kenya

Waste management doesn’t only provide us with clean environments but also creates businesses job opportunities all around the country. All these Waste Management Companies In Kenya are NEMA licensed waste handlers.


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