Top 5 Wedding Photographers in Kenya

Wedding photography has become a booming business in Kenya. The people who have perfected this art have taken years to achieve this high level of skill and this explains why they are charging a premium for their services. Wedding photographers in Kenya do not miss special moments especially in events that only occur once in a lifetime.

Since weddings are very special occasions, every couple would want such a memorable event to be remembered forever in photos. These photographers have proven to use their skill and creativity to capture the best moments at weddings. From exotic locations to beautiful beaches and surreal sunsets as backdrops, these weddings photographers have proven why they are the best in the business. Today we will show you the top 5 wedding photographers in Kenya with just a click.

Ben Kithuri and Gathoni

Ben Kithuri started from very humble beginnings. He discovered his passion for photography by taking pictures of his wife Gathoni using his mobile phone. After many compliments from friends, they decided to make it career out of it. Ben now has grown to be the most sort after wedding photographer. They create a story with every wedding they will take pictures. As a way of giving back to the society, he tours around the country so as he can be able to train upcoming photographers.

Versatile photographers

The company was started by David Macharia in 2007. Their passion is to produce unique work by pushing the boundaries of innovations and creativity. They have worked with Samantha bridal magazine and Msafiri magazine for Kenya Airways. Both of these are big contract companies with a very versatile audience both in Kenya and abroad.

Mwangi Kirubi

He started as a graphic designer but his passion for storytelling led him to photography. He started photography in 2009. He has taken photographs from different parts of the country to showcase Kenyan’s beauty. What gives him joy in his work is the ability to share the truth as he quotes “the lens never lies”.

Gathoni Kinyanjui

Having masters in photography, she is one of the most sort photographers for both weddings and as a contemporary family photographer. She is available to travel in East and Central Africa just to capture that magical moment. What is outstanding in her photography is that she listens to your love story and she tries to tell your story through the pictures making her one of the best wedding photographers in Kenya.

Osborne Macharia

He is a self-taught photographer on commercial and advertising photography. When you look at his work you will feel like his photos are talking to you.  He has been able to work for advertisements like Coke and Absolute vodka, Nestle, Pepsi etc.

They say pictures are worth one thousand words. You can write your own fairytale story if you contact these wedding photographers in Kenya so that you can forever cherish your memories.


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