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It’s very possible that we’ve all at some point sat and wondered, what makes a man decide to marry a woman?

Relationships have become quite a problem nowadays, lasting for only a while and it’s done. We as women sometimes don’t know what will make a man decide to have a future with us.

We’re mostly trapped in thoughts like, “Is he even serious with me? Am I right for him? Do I have what it takes to be a wife?

Knowing what will make a man decide to marry you can be quite a mystery to unravel.

What makes a man decide to marry a woman

For a man to sit and decide that he wants to marry a certain woman, there’re lots of factors that contribute to the decision. However, among all these factors, the character of the woman he intends to marry plays the biggest role.

Here are some wife material qualities that will make a man decide to marry you;


Every man thinking about marriage wants a mature woman. A woman who has grown out of her childish tendencies and who is ready to settle. A man will see your maturity level by the way you talk, the way you carry yourself and even the things that excite you.

Ability to think big

A man wants a woman with dreams, someone he is sure that together they will accomplish great things.

He doesn’t want someone who will just be respectful and obedient, he’ll need someone who can advise him on business and someone they can make future plans with.

Sense of humor

No man wants to always come home to a grumpy wife who never finds anything funny. Men love women with a sense of humor who will laugh now and then making the relationship more fun and interesting. Probably any man will consider how much you can light up his life before deciding to marry you.


Any man will want to marry a confident woman. A woman who is confident with her body and is sure of oneself no matter her flaws. If a man sees that you are confident despite your flaws, he is assured that you will love him despite his.

Good with Kids

If a man is considering marrying you, he will probably look at how good you are with kids. This is because, at some point or another, you will both consider having kids of your own. A woman who is good with kids will automatically make a man admire to have a family with her.

Good Character

This is what attracts a woman to a man in most cases because the character is what defines you. Beauty will fade with time but the character is what lasts. A man planning to settle down will go for a lady whose character is unquestionable because he will be assured that she’ll make the best wife and mother to his children

A Friend

This is one thing that mostly we ladies lack to consider. A man not only wants a wife, but also a best friend. Friendship is what keeps relationships. A man will want someone who he can confide in, someone he can share his worries with, and someone who will always have his back. If you are his friend right from dating, he’ll definitely want to share his future with you.


This doesn’t only mean how much you respect him, but also those around you. How you treat the people around you, how you dress, how you talk will probably tell a lot about you. A respectful woman is who every man wants to marry.


A man will definitely want to marry an intelligent woman. Not by the number of degrees you have, but how much you are aware of the world around you. Your reasoning and understanding of different matters will also attract a man.


Every man wants to have an ambitious woman. A woman who wants to go a step higher every day. With an ambitious woman, a man is guaranteed that their future together will be successful.

If you were not aware of what makes a man decide to marry a woman, the above are some of the wife material qualities that men admire.


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